frame sentences for the following sentences
1. take up.
2. takes after.
3. take in
4. take to.
5. take away

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1. take up - let me take up this job.
2. takes after - my daughter takes after my company after i retire.
3. take in - "take your friend inside Jyotsna".
4. take to - how much time will you take to complete this song??
5. take away - you can take away the mobile.

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in the 3rd answer there is a change. i left out a comma

3. take in - "take your friend inside, Jyotsna".
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take up - Take it up on yourselves (means - own it)
takes after - she must have taken after her dad (this means resembles)
take in - did you take in what i said? (means - understand)
take to - i took him to task on his mistake (means - scold, criticize)
take away - no one can take away your goodness (means - remove)
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