Friday afternoon comprehension and composition written by radha kunjappa and pratibha nath oxford university

i am not pratibha nath oxford nuniversity or radha kunjappa therefore i cannot answer
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Why did bagheera take mowgli to the mothet wolf
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What is the sigificance of each leaf of the clover
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In the sentences 'the hours I spent with my pupil were as instructive for me as they were for him, what does he mean?
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Its it's no fun to be a small reptile give reason
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Answers of this book

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Both sides of the qution
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English status
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Make sentences

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Chapter 9 question no.A5

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What are the fellings of the first hermit when he Say's "God hath granted each petition /Yet my olive tree hath slain!"?

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How do we know that tristan had no enthusiasm for hens give evidence from the text?
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