Frndz v r doing a class magazine nd v named it as OUTLIERS ... which means "a person or thing which is different from all others in a group"...  So am going 2 do d cover page... bt am confused abt wt 2 draw... related 2 this topic... Plz help me... juz a small hint is enough... I will make it... :) plz... help me.. as v hve 2 submit it this monday (14 nov 2016)!!! Plz... :) 

Dear student 

Since you are using a word that describes individuality, the picture could be a small group of (for example) five people. Do not draw detailed pictures. Just use stick figures or something similar.

Colour four people in one colour like black and colour the remaining person in with a very different and startling colour, like bright pink, to represent that they are different. 


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