From a point 100m above a lake the angle of elevation of a 30 degree and angle of depression of its reflecting in the lake is 60 degree. find the height of helicopter.

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Let AB be the surface of the Lake and P be the point of observation such that AP = 100 meters. Let C be the position of helicopter and C' be its reflcation in the lake.  Then CB = C'B. Let PM be perpendicular from P on CB. Then ∠CPM = 30° and ∠C' PM = 60°. Let CM = h.

Then CB = h + 100.  Consequents C'B = h + 100

Then ΔCMP, we have

In ΔPMC' we have

From equation (1) and (2) we get

Now, CB = CM + MP = h + 100 = 100 + 100 = 200

Hence, the height of the helicopter from the surface of lake is 200 meters.



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