From "on the face of it"

Dear Student,
In this mentioned scenario, the author has described how positively Mr. Lamb lives his life. Although he has a tin leg, he doesn't begrudge about it and in fact, finds joy in everything around him. He lives a lonely life, but welcomes everyone to join him to share happiness. He enjoys the beauty of nature, the sound of children playing and laughing, the bees buzzing and humming over the flowers. He tries to see the inner beauty of everything and appriciates it. The bees may buzz and create disturbances for someone who doesn't want to be around it. The bees might not be beautiful but they spread pollens from flower to flower and thus help them reproduce and grow. The flowers provide food to bees. Thus they appreciate and help each other to grow. This is a perfect example to express how life goes. We only receive according to what we give to others. Life is better for those who treat it in a good way..

Hope this helps.


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