From the chapter the happy prince

Q  The Happy Prince was a beautiful statue . He was covered with gold , he had sapphires for eyes , and a ruby in       his sword . Why did he want to part with all the gold that he had , and his precious stones?

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Given below is the answer to your question.

The Happy Prince was able to see the whole city from where he stood and the pain and sufferings that the people endured moved his heart. Therefore, he decided to part with the precious stones that were embedded on his body. He gave one of his red jewel to the poor woman who was sewing a dress, a stone from his eyes to a poor and hungry man who was writing a story and the other eye to the little girl who had broken the eggs and didn't have money. The swallow who helped the Prince flew over the city told the Prince about the sufferings of the people and he gave up the gold on his body, piece by piece.

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i think it is because he is a prince with a lot money. it just my opinion because i am hearing about that story the happy princess for the first time in my life .it would be great if you tell me more about the that i can tell the correct answer.
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Because the happy prince wanted that all the people of his kingdom live happily...while some were poor and some were rich.... He didn't wanted thise precious things for himself....he wanted a happy heart.
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