Fruits generally develops from ovary, but in few species thalamus
contributes to fruit formation.
(a) Name the two categories of fruits.
(b) Give one example of each.

In angiosperms, the fruit is the ripened ovary and the seeds are the mature ovules. Such fruits which develop from the ovary are called true fruits. Mango, plum, peach, tomato are examples of true fruits. In certain instances, the bulk of the fruit is derived from parts of the flower other than the ovary. Such fruits are called false or accessory fruits. Strawberry and apple are examples of false fruits.

(Note- The two categories of fruits explained above are on the basis of the statement given in the question. The simplest classification of fruit is fleshy and dry fruits. Fruits can also be classifies into the following three types — simple, aggregate and multiple.)

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a) true fruits and false fruits
b) true fruits - tomato
false fruits - strawberry
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