Gall bladder is lined by (AIIMS Nov 2012) A) Brush bordered columnar epithelium B) Striated columnar epithelium C) Pseudostratified columnar cells D) Ciliated columnar cells. Explain also.

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The correct answer is option (A).
Brush border refers to the microvilli covered surface. The gall bladder is lined by a single layer of columnar epithelium with microvilli. Microvilli provide the extra surface area which increases the absorption of fluid and nutrients from digested food. 

Ciliated columnar epithelial is present in the intestinal linings. The outer surface of the intestine has hair-like structures called cilia. These help to push mucus out and clear it.  

When epithelium cells are arranged in a pattern of multiple layers, they are called stratified ( strata means many layer) squamous epithelium. They are found in skin where they serve the purpose of protection. 


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Dear student,
The answer is A.
Gall bladder is lined by brush bordered columnar epithelium.
The explanation to the answer is as microvilli are of different heights and are arranged irregularly, they constitute a brush bordered epithelium which is seen in gall bladder and proximal convoluted tubules of the kidney.

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Correct option is A) Brush bordered columnar epithelium.
The epithelial lining of the gall bladder consists of simple columnar cells specialised for absorption, with an apical brush border of microvilli, very similar to intestinal absorptive cells. 

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