Gap filling
Please check for any mistakes.

Gap filling Please check for any mistakes. (3) England, The Boston tea party began (a) putting unfair taxes on the prices of imported items. Cloth, tea and spices were the abused because tea was new, cloth was essential, and spices were used for cooking. Settlers in New England refused (c) .... ..... .... pay these outrageous sums. When a new boat full (d) . . tea was left unguarded, the settlers knew this was probably their only chance. They disguised (e) was familiar (D . as Indians, as England — them, and dumped the tea overboard into the harbour. Now there was (g) more tea to put taxes on. This eventually (h) ....„... .. to the Revolutionary War. (4) As you go about your day-to-day life

e) themselves
f) with
h) led

a) as
b) do 

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e) themselves
h) led 

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third one

e)  themselves

h)  led
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