gen x to gen z saga story in english

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Generation X, or Gen X, refers to the generation of Americans born between the mid-1960s and the early-1980s.
Gen Xers, which fall between baby boomers and millennials, number around 65 million.
Members of this group are approaching the middle of their working careers and potential peak-earning years.
Though it's more useful for marketing than sociology, generational theory—the assumption that people born within the same time frame can be considered a group with similar views, values, tastes, and habits—and the idea of a generation gap has gained broad acceptance in the U.S.

Also known as the "lost generation," "forgotten generation," or "invisible generation," Gen X has been labeled these monikers because of the shifting societal values that occurred during their rise that witnessed a rise in divorces, single-parent households, and loneliness.

Generation Y, also known as Gen Y or millennials, is the generational cohort born between 1981 and 1996. They come after Generation X and before Generation Z, which is the reason they are named Gen Y.
Also known as digital natives, millennials are those born between 1982 and 1994 and technology is part of their everyday lives: all their activities are mediated by a screen. The concept of on and off is completely integrated into their lives. However, they were not born into it; they migrated to the digital world from the analogue one in which they were living.

Unlike previous generations, because of the economic crisis, the world requires them to be better trained to get a job, as competition is increasing. Unlike their parents, Generation X, digital natives are not satisfied with the world around them and are ambitious and want to achieve their goals.

However, the millennial generation is labelled as being lazy, narcissistic and spoilt.

What is Generation Z? It is a group of people that is marked by the Internet. It is part of their DNA: it storms into their homes, their education and their way of socialising. And if Generation Y has difficulty finding a job, the situation for post-millennials is even worse.
Aged between eight and 23 years old, generation Z or the post-millennial generation will take the lead in a few decades. Also labelled as centennials, for having been born into the world at the turn of the century — the oldest were born in 1995 and the youngest in 2010 — they arrived with a tablet and a smartphone under their arms.

Their mastery of technologies may make them neglect their interpersonal relationships to a greater extent, but they are the ones who give more of a voice to social causes on the Internet. They like to get everything they want immediately, a fact fostered by the digital world in which they are immersed, and their lifestyle is also influenced by youtubers.

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