Germany hit was worst hit by economic crises in 1932.....explain this statement

Dear student. The following points may help you: a. Germany was financially crippled after the first World War, little could Weimer Republic do to recover its economy, Germany under the reparation clause had to part with much of its gold reserves and later decided to print and issue more currency to pay for war damage and to exchange it. b. Occupation of Rhur by the French forces to claim coal created further resentment. c. Germans in order to deal with the crisis, recklessly printed more currency, they flooded the market with German mark that is increased its supply in the market therefore its value decreased. d. Once the value of the currency decreases, it implies you pay more to buy goods. The prices of all commodities will go up leading to inflation. e. Later America by virtue of Dawes plan tried to ease financial burden of the Germans. Regards

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