give 3 conditions which are necessary for combustion?

The three conditions are:

 1) Availability of fuel

 2) Presence of oxygen

 3) Required ignition temperature


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3.ignition temperature

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 supporter of combustion

combustible substance

ignition temperature

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presence of combustibe substances

presence of supporter of combution

ignition temperature

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1.presence of combustibe substances fuel or something lyk that...

2.presence of supporter of combution air<oxygen>

3.ignition temperature-the minimum temperature at which a substance starts burning.....

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the requirements for combustion are :-

  • Presence of supporter of combustion like oxygen
  • Attainment of ignition temperature(i.e the minimum temperature at which a substance catches fire)
  • The substance should be combustible or inflammable

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combustile substanceoxygenignition temperature

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combustion takes place only under three conditions:-

1 the substance must be combustible

2 the medium surrounding the substance should support combustion

3 the substance should be heated to its ignition temperature.

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    fuel, air and sufficient heat upto the ignition temp of fuel

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    wha the about examples
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    1 it should be a combustible substance .2 proper supply of oxygen should be there . 3 it should have low ignition temperature
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    There are three conditions which are necessary for combustion to take place:

    1)Presence of combustible substance

    2)Presence of supporter of combustion

    3)Heating the combustible substance to its ignition temperature

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    1. Presence of a combustible substance.
    2. Presence of a supporter of combustion.
    3. Heating the substance to its ignition temperature.

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    1.Ignition temperature
    2. Oxygen
    3.combustible substance
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    2.Combutible substance
    3.Ignition temperature
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    oxygen, fuel and ignition temperature.
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    1.iginition temprature 2.oxygen 3.fuel
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    1. Combustible substance. 2. Ignition temperature. 3. Supporter of combustion. (oxygen).Further combustion is divided into two types as Complete combustion and Partial combustion. In complete combustion there is required supply of O2 and Carbon atoms are fully changed into CO2. (eg; Bunsen burner) In partial combustion there is less supply of O2, due to this part of carbon atoms are changed into CO2. As a result harmful gases like CO is also produced.
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    1) Presence of combustible substance (fuel).
    2) Air (to supply oxygen).
    3) Source of heat (to raise the temperature beyond the ignition temperature).
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    1.Presence of a combustible substance (fuel) 2. Presence of oxygen 3.Maximum temperature at which a fuel catches fire ( ignition temperature ).
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    1)there must combustible material 2) continous supply of air ( oxygen) 3) ignition temperature is higher than the combustible material
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