give 5 examples of uniform acceleration.

Uniform Acceleration is when a body changes same amount of velocity for every same interval of time.

 Any freely falling body under the influence of gravity would be uniformly accelerated. Also, the uniform circular motion of any body  is uniformly accelerated. You can easily think of many examples of such types of motion.

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=> example of uniform acceleration would be space capsule detached from the international space station hurtles down towards Earth under the influence of gravity shows uniform acceleration.
=> A child throws a stone from the top of a cliff which hurtles down the mountain at the rate of 9.8 m/s2 constant acceleration before coming to rest at the bottom of the mountain.
=> A ball dropping off a terrace playground will experience the gravitational force which makes it hurtle down the building side in a constant uniform acceleration.
=>   A rocket lifts from a space center with a constant acceleration or uniform acceleration of 20 m / s2 and reaches the exosphere within 30 minutes.
=>   A high speed lift starts from top of multi storied building is experiencing constant acceleration. 

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Earth around the sun

Moon around Earth

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a car moving with increasing non-uniform velocity

a ball when thrown any direction, but with some accl.

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