give a character sketch of mahadev desai in detail

Who  was  he  ?????????????????????
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main character in shukratare ke saman
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Mahadev Desai was an outstanding writer, at ease with Gujarati, Bengali and English. He is highly regarded as a translator and writer in Gujarati. He wrote several biographies such as Sant Francis (1934), Vir Vallabhbhai(1928) and Be Khudsi Khidmatgar which was a biography of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan and his brother. From Bengali, Mahadev Desai translated the short stories of Saratchandra Chattopadhyaya (1923), the novella Virajvahu (1924) and some of Tagore's poems into Gujarati. He also translated into Gujarati from English, Nehru's Autobiography in 1936.[7] The English translation of Gandhi's autobiography, The Story of My Experiments with Truth, from its Gujarati original was also done by Desai. He was also a regular contributor to Gandhi's publications Young India, Navjivan and the Harijanbandhu.[8] Mahadevbhaini Dayari is the 19 volume publication of Mahadev Desai's diaries. These, edited by Narhari Parikh and Chandubhai Bhagubhai, provide a close look at Gandhi's life and are a valuable chronicle of the major events in Gandhi's life and in India's freedom movement.[9]

Desai was among the founding members of the All India Newspaper Editors' Conference. He also frequently contributed to various nationalist Indian newspapers such as Free Press, Bombay Chronicle, Hindustan Times, The Hindu and Amrita Bazar Patrika.
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