Give a character sketch of Munna in the lesson "Jalebis" in NCERT English Supplementary Reader "It So Happened" Class-8

The school-going boy in this story is in fifth standard .

He is an obedient and meritorious student from a well-to-do Muslim family . One day he goes to school with four rupees in his pocket in order to pay the school fee.

As the teacher -concerned is on leave that day , the boy spends all the four rupees in buying and eating jalebis . Actually the boy is not interested in the jalebis sold in the bazaar . But the coins in his pocket persuade and get him excited to buy and eat jalebis with the fee money . The coins suggest the boy that he could pay The fee with his scholarship money that is to be received  the following day . 

The next day in school he is asked to pay the fee  and it is informed that the scholarship money would be given the following month . With this shocking news he feels confused and defeated  . He is afraid of his class teacher and tries to escape from school without being noticed by  anybody . He goes to the Railway station only to spend time till the evening . 

Sitting under the tree the boy prays to God to send four rupees for him by His Farishta . He admitted his wrong and promises that he will not repeat the same again in future . But he receives nothing from God . 

The next day also the boy comes to the same spot near the Railway station . The starts requesting God only for four rupees . He tries his best to prove before God that he is God – fearing , disciplined , hard working and obedient one . He goes on persuading God till the evening in vain . Then he decides to come to the same place the next day in order to observe Namaz to Allah Miyan very strictly after washing his body and changing clothes .  

Meanwhile his parents get the news of his continuous absence in school . We can imagine what happens afterwards  .But the boy , up to his  class VIII , is not able to understand  as to why God has not given him a single paisa . What loss He suffers from with the help of only four rupees to an innocent and  devoted child like him . 

When the boy gets his maturity he finally understands that if Allah Miyan  were to provide all for the asking  , then man would even today be living in nests like vultures and crows and would not have learnt the art of making jalebis . 

This interesting story reveals us  how an obedient boy is easily excited to do something wrong innocently . It also tells us to be responsible and kind enough towards  small children .
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