Give a reason why the earth is called a magnet

Because earth has two ends known as north and south pole.inside the earth there are domains which acts like a small magnet ...
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Hey! your answer is :-
The magnetic field is generated by electric currents due to the motion of convection current of molten iron in the earth's outer core: these convection currents are caused by heat escaping from the core,a natural process called a geodynamo.
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When you bury a iron bar inside the ground of the earth and remove it after years you will find that the iron bar has turned into a magnet. This tells us that earth is called magnet
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Correct answer
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When you bury an iron rod inside earth with the iron rod facing towards north-south direction you will observe that it after few days it will behave like a weak magnet.
It is only possible if earth behaves like a magnet with having north-south poles.
So Earth behaves like a huge bar magnet
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