Give an account of Battle Of Plassey.Ans fast.

The Battle of Plassey:

  • Date: 23 June 1757
  • Significance: It was a decisive British East India Company victory over the Nawab of Bengal and his French allies, establishing Company rule in South Asia which expanded over much of the Indies for the next hundred years.

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The Battle of Plassey was one of the major steps that brought England to dominate and conquer India. It was not only a battle with local authorities but part of the rivalry with France over available markets. However, European colonial expansion was a part of an even bigger phenomenon that would bind the peoples and cultures of the world together through dissemination of technology and sharing among cultures. In years to come it would bring the Western colonialists to some awareness of their spiritual responsibility for other nations—for example, no matter how wide was the gap between the rich and poor in the West, in the East it was even wider.

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Battle Of Plassey Was Fought Between The Grandson Of Murshid Quli Khan And Son Of Alivardi Khan ie 

 Sirajuddaulah. This Battle Was Fought When The Company Didnt Payed The Taxes,Tried To Humiliate The Officials And The Nawab,Also They Started Interfaring In The Nawabs Administration Like Who Would Be Successor.

Now The Nawab Became Frustrated And Marched To The Company"s Office At Calcutta As Kassimbazaar And Captured With The Help Of 30000 Soldiers.Now Company Heard The Defeat At Calcutta Then They Sent Their CLever Officer Robert Clive To Fought A Battle With The Nawab Sirrajuddaulah.They Met Each Other In 1757 At Plassey.He Payed Mir Jafar The Head Of Sirajuddaulahs Army Or Senapati And Promised To Him To Make Him The Nawab.So He Recurited New Army That Had Never Fought A Battle Before And Nawab Was Defeated. Mir Jafar Was Made The Nawab.

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battle of plassey was fought in 1757 between nawab sirajuddaulah and robert clive.this was the first major victory of the company.

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