give an account of the burglary attempt in the annex

The first burglary attempt was carried out when the Frank family were sitting together and Peter suddenly burst in with the news of the attempted break-in. A barrel had fallen over from the outside and someone had tried to force their way in through the door. It had unsettling effect on the annex members because they were powerless to do anything. Raising an alarm would have meant a disclosure of their location to the police and that would have resulted in far more serious consequences. As Mr. Frank and Peter went down to investigate, the rest of the family waited with bated breath to know the results of their investigation. The drained faces of the man and the boy were enough to show the strain they had been under while lying in wait for the burglars to force their way in. However nothing happened but soon they heard doors banging and the families assembled together. The burglary was eventually aborted because the burglars must have been surprised by the sound of footsteps in a supposedly empty building and gone away. 

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