give an experiment to show that heating demagnetises a magnet.

When we say that magnets  can be demagnetized, we mean  that   they lose their  ability to  attract  metals  like  iron .
‚ÄčMaterial required -   Take  some  stapler's  pins  magnet , few long  iron  nails  ; magnetic compass.
Procedure -  (1) Make  some  weak  magnet  two out  of the iron  nails . Hold  the nails  head in one  hand , and  using  other  hand  run  the   magnet  down  the  nail  to the  tip ,  lift  up  and  repeat  the procedure .
(2) Put one  of your magnetized  nail  in the  freezer  for at  least  an  hour and  the  other  one  on a  cookie  sheet in a  350 c   oven  for  a   half  hour .
(3) Now  bring  the  magnetic  compass  near  the  two  nails  you  will   find  the  freezed  nail  will  deflect the needle  of the  compass  but the  heated  nail  will  not  deflect  of the magnetic  compass .


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Heat a magnet. Then see whether it repels other magnets and attracts other magnetic substances. You'll get your answer.
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