Give an outline of classification of ..........kingdom plantae with 1 example each...............

The different divisions in kingdom plantae are:-

Division Algae:

Chlorophyll-bearing, simple, thalloid, autotrophic, and largely aquatic (freshwater and marine) organisms.Major classes of algae:

Eg:-Sargassum, Laminaria, and Porphyra

Kingdom Bryophyta:-

Amphibians of plant kingdom- cool, damp areas- differentiated body-Thallus-like plant body is attached to substratum by unicellular or multicellular rhizoids.-

Lack true roots, stem and leaves; may possesses root-like, stem-like, and leaf-like structures.

Classes of bryophytes

Eg:- Marchantia, Funaria 

Division Pteridophyta

Sporophyte- has xylem and ploem-Found in cool, damp, shady places-well-differentiated true stem, leaves, and roots- bears sporangia-Sporangia produce spores-Spores germinate to form small, multicellular, free-living photosynthetic thalloid gametophyte called prothallus.

  • Major classes:

Eg:- Selaginella and Salvinia

Division Gymnospermae:-

Naked seeds- no ovary wall- taproots- well adpted leaves- produces spores

Example − Pinus and Cycas

Division Angiosperms:-

Flowering plants- seeds enclosed by fruits

Eg:- All flowering plants

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