Give answer to 74 and 75 question

Give answer to 74 and 75 question 287.2 pm 73) 74) 75) 76) Bio-vision_SSLC Maths EM - Read-only A bag contains 5 red balls and some blue balls. If the probability of drawing a blue ball from the bag is thrice that of drawing a red ball, then find the number of blue balls in the bag. A ticket is drawn from a bag containing 100 tickets. The tickets are numbered from one to hundred. What is the probability of getting a ticket with a number divisible by 1()? A die is thrown twice. Find the probability of getting a total of 9. A box contains 4 white balls and 6 black balls and another one, 3 white and 5 black. We can choose one box and take a ball. If we want a black ball, which box is the better choice? Mob: 9048332443 b) How many white beads are there 81) 82) is wh 20 of On twc Tht of ren Prc fro Numbers

dear student
Number of total outcomes , n(S) = 100
Event of getting a number divisible by 10


Number of total outcomes when a perfect die is thrown twice, n(S) = 36

Event of getting total of 9

A = {(3,6), (4,5), (5,4), (6,3)
= > n(A) = 4



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