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Give answer with reason secrete antibacterial lysozyme ? 120171 (l) Xylem parenchyma Collenchyma (3) Phellem (4) Phloem 29. A body boy aged two years is admitted to play school and passes through a dental check- up. The dentist observed that the boy had twenty teeth. Which teeth were absent ? (l) Incisors (3) Pre-molars 120171 (2) Canines (4) molars 30. Which ofthe following option best represnents the exyme compositiono of pancreatic juice? | 20171 (l) amylase, peptidase, trypsinogen, rennin trypsinogen, maltase vlnqe_ neosin,

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Premolars are not present in a 2 year old child. Premolars develop later than the other kinds of teeth. At such an age, a child will have 4 incisors, 2 canines and 4 molars both in the upper jaw and lower jaw.
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Th dental formula for a child is 2102/2102 which states incisors,canines, premolars and molara hereby you can see that premolars are missing
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