Give at least one desired quality that one should look for in the crops given below (a) wheat (b) fruits (c) fodder (d) cereal s

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Crops should be pest resistant along with that desired characters of particular crops are mentioned below:
1) Wheat : Baking quality, High quality wheat  makes a very thick paste and with the increase in the sprout damage, the paste become less sticky.

2) Fruits: Preserving quality. The seasonal fruits should be preferred for eating.Avoid cold storage fruits, they loose their nutrients.

3) Fodder: Tallness and profuse branching. Barley fodder has high nutrients,  livestock will consume more nutrition from a smaller volume of feed.

4) Cereals: Dwarfness in cereal so that less nutrients are consumed for growth.  Cereals with high protein/carbohydrate contents should be preferred especially by vegetarian people. 

Hope this information will clear your doubts about the incomplete dominance.

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