Give classification of alkane

Alkane are saturated hydrocarbons with single bonds . they are further classified as :-
the Alkane in which all the carbon atoms are  attached by covalent bonds in a continuous chain . They are also called as normal alkane.

the alkanes in which all the carbon atoms are not in continuous chain and some of them are linked to other carbon atoms to make branches  atoms to make branches.

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Alkanes can be classified as
Straight chain alknes or branched chain alkane

1)The alkane in which all the C-C atoms are linked together in a straight chain are called straight alkane

2)The alkanes in which C-C atoms are linked together but have branches or substituents are called branched chain alkanes
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Alkanes are aliphatic saturated hydrocarbon with C-C or C-H single covalent bond.
The general formula of alkane is CnH2n+2.
They show structural isomerism.
Alkanes with more than 3 carbon atoms generally exhibits ,structural isomerisms.
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