Give examples for eurythermal and stenothermal organisms.

Eurythermal organisms are organisms that can function at a wide range of different body temperatures.For example, a goldfish can function with a body temperature ranging from 5 to 30 degrees C. 

Stenothemal organisms are species or living organism only capable of living or surviving within a narrow temperature range.

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Eurythermal organisms are those which can tolerate and thrive in wide range of temperatures.

Examples for Eurythermal organisms: cat, dog, tiger, red algae(Gracilaria verrucosa),golden brown algae, angiosperms sea grass.

Stenothermal organisms are those which are restricted to narrow range of temperatures only. Two types of stenothermal organisms:

1. Thermophilic : which can thrive at higher teperatures only (more than 20 degree celcius)

2.Cryophilic: which can thrive at lower temperature only(as low as 0 degree c)

Examples: coral reefs, some insects, and most reptiles(thermophilic). some species of seals, arctic crustaceans and salmon(cryophilic)

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eurythermal : dog,cat,tiger
stenothermal :crocodile,penguin.
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eurythermal are those
organisms which can tolerate
wide range of temperature.
for ex:- cat,dogs,and tigers.
stenothermal are those organisms which can tolerate narrow range of temperature.
for ex:- penguine,crocodile,polar bear
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eurythermal is man birds etc
stenothermal is amphibians,fishes,reptiles
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Eurythermal animals cat dog tiger Eurythermal plants rose daisies oak tree Stenothermal animals penguin polarbear crocodile Stenothermal plant bouganvilliae orchid
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eurythermal are those organism which can tolerate a wide range of temperature eg. tiger, cats... stenothermal are those organsm which can tolerate a narrow range of temperature eg. crocodile , fishes etc
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Eurythermal :man goat cow shipand stenothermal :coral reefs reptiles
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Examples include; coral reefs and some reptiles. Eurythermal organisms: Organisms which can tolerate and thrive in a wide range of temperature. Eg: Plants- Roses, daisies, some vegetables and fruits etc. Stenothermal organisms: Organisms which are restricted to a narrow range if temperatures.
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Mammals are eurythermal while mostly lower organism and plants are stenothermal as they can't spend their energy to regulate the internal environment
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Eurythermal animals- cows, dogs and any other animal that can thrive or tolerate a wide range of temperatures
Stenothermal animals- polar bears and any other animal that can tolerate or thrive only in a narrow range of temperatures
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Eurythermal: Some invertebrates, birds and mammals,archarbacteria

Stenothermal: Fishes and amphibians
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Ecosystem definition
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Stenothermal organism- Arctic isopod

Eurythermal organism- Rockpool Goby
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eurythermal humans dogs cats
stenothermal crocodile 
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eurythermal organisms are cats, dogs, and in plants such as roses and daises etc. and stenothermal oraganisms are penguins,python,crocodile and in plants such as bougainvillea,orchids etc 
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For eurythermal organisms like lizards,birds and mammals are examples.
For stenothermal organisms like fishes, coral animals are examples
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Eurythemal - human
Stenothermal -fish
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Cat ,dog ,tiger and including human
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and the example of stenothermal are conifers, reptiles , crocodile sand fishes
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eurythermal organisms include man goat cow monkey and sheep stenothermal are further classified into thermophilic (restricted to high temperature) , examples include reptile and coral reef and cryophillic (restricted to low temperature), examples include salmons, seals and Arctic crustaceans
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eurythermal organisms - cat, dog, tiger and stenothermal organisms - penguins, python, crocodile
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Goat,Man,Sheep crab etc.

Roses, , some fruit and vegetables etc

Reptile, insects,salman, , crocodile and etc

Banyan, peepal trees, yam, chilli's, strange fig tree, croton, ,and etc.
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Mr galgotia eats curd yoghurt in this case which trophic level will he occupy
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