give examples of malleable, ductile, sonorous materials

malleable-gold , ductile-copper and sonorous-alluminium.....hope it help

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 malleable ---gold ,siver , iron ,copper, alluminium  ductile--- copper ,alluminium ,iron  sonourous-- nickle copper gold silver . I hope it will help you.

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malleable- zinc, gold, silver etc.

ductility- gold, silver, alluminium etc.

sonorous- iron, nickel etc.

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1. melleable :- silver, iron, gold etc.

2. ductile :- aluminium, copper, gold etc.

3. sonorous :- iron, nickel etc.

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what would happen if iron powder is heated with copper oxide? and also give balance equation for this reaction

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Iron ,copper etc
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Please tell this question vastly List the metals that are used in our day to day life . Explain the properties of any one metal related to its use.
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First of all I will tell you about malleable mens the property of metals malleability in this property metals can be Hammered to form thin wires for example gold and silver they can be hammered to form thin wires and that is the reason metals have different shapes they are hammered due to this reason metals are found to be any shape and nonmetals nor malleable neither ductile due to this reason if we have non metal they break and because they are brittle metals are ductile it means that metals can be drawn in two wires so due to this reason metals are given any form of wires but on metals are opposite two metals based on their property metals are sonorous it means that they make a ringing sound when we struck them but non metals are not sonorous due to this reason metals are used in electric bell metal metals have high density is it means that they are heavy but non metals are not heavy non metals are dull in appearance
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Malleability - mild steel , gold , lead Ductility-iron , copper Sonorous- silver , allimunium
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