give examples of remove too,change to voice use as soner as,add O.T,change degree,Use hardly etc

the things given here are not of any use off me because i am in gujarat board,in our cource these things are not asked in examinations

so plese give some examples of these.

Examples of voice transformation:

1. The principal gave a motivating speech. (Active voice)

 A motivating speech was given by the principal. (Passive voice)

2. The thief was caught by the police. (Passive voice)

 The police caught the thief. (Active voice)


Examples of change of degree:

1. The monument was beautiful. (Positive degree)

 This monument is more beautiful than the one that I visited last year. (Comparative degree)

2. The new bridge is broad.

 The new bridge is broader than the old one.


Use of 'hardly'

Hardly had I reached home when it began to rain.


The remaining questions of yours are incomprehensible. Please get back to us clearly specifying the questions.

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