give me a anser pl

give me a anser pl Solve the crossword puzzle on conjunctions using the clues given Across 1. I could have skipped the meeting, 2. My grandmother was very loving I decided to attend it. strict. Down 1. We can't go out 2, They haven't decided we finish all the chores. they want to adopt a dog or a cat. 3. house. 4. you decide to visit Chennai anytime soon, drop by my I woke up late today, I didn't have breakfast. 5, The shop had yellow umbrellas they got sold out. [II. Choose the correct antonyms of the underlined words from th

Please find this answer

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choose the correct antonyms

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Dear student,
the image is not clearly visible.
I have given the answers of the questions which were visible.
2. Yet

Down :----
2. Whether
4. Since
Thanks, regards.
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