give me a diary entry on describing the trip to zoo

Monday,10 November 20xx

9 PM

Dear Diary,

Today, I enjoyed a trip to the Mysore Zoo with my parents.

As we entered the zoo premises we were greeted by four very tall and very impressive giraffes. The zoo is divided into different sections: birds, apes, carnivorous cats, reptiles, etc. There were many different types of exotic birds: flamingoes, hornbills, seagulls. I saw a rare white peacock too.

The most thrilling part was to see the wild cats being fed by the zoo-keepers. The tigers, lions and leopards roared as they tore into the chunks of meat! I was scared of the creepy, crawly snakes. Watching the chimpanzees jump and hang upside down was a lot of fun. We took many photographs and I will make a collage of those for my room. I enjoyed the trip thoroughly!


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You can take some pointers:-

- Visit to the zoo, at the afternoon, with parents and younger brother

- Presence of animals and birds, tamed and wild, in the open and in the cages

- Clicked photographs with a smiling chimpanzee

- Disliked the way people were feeding leftover food to the monkeys

- Sudden rush of officials looking for a bear that had broke open its cage sometime back

- Boring section - snakes, alligators and other reptiles

- Tigers and lions not in much action as they had been fed lunch and they had become lazy and sleepy

- Memorable trip making you feel closer to nature and its collection of fauna.

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