give me a diary entry on experience of being class monitor

Thursday, January 22, 2015.

9 p.m.

Dear Diary,

Today was my first day in class as the class monitor. I set off for school with the shiny black badge pinned to the lapel of my blazer, the pale sunlight reflected on the lustrous surface. It made me feel aware of the added responsibilities of not only maintaining proper conduct and decorum of the class but also being accountable for their good behaviour. My friends cheered for me when I walked into the class, the class teacher also beamed at me happily. The day went smoothly without any hiccups, I took them to the computer lab in one single file, they maintained silence, there was no rushing at lunch hour and people were on their best behaviour for me. It made me feel so loved that my friends wanted the best for me. As the day came to an end, my class teacher told me that I am well on my way to becoming the head girl pretty soon. That clearly made my day.



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