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Vidhi , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 5/6/16

Give me  an article on the deteriorating health of children due to bad food habits....

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Aneesa Attaullah , added an answer, on 6/6/16
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One of the growing concerns faced by several parents across the worls is getting their kids to develop good eating habits. Unfortunately, due to the hectic lifestyles in today’s world, many parents realize that their children have developed unhealthy eating habits, only after it is too late. Most of us associate poor eating habits in children, with the excessive consumption of foods that have little or no nutritional value. However, poor eating habits include much more than dietary preferences. Practices like eating in front of the television, talking with a mouth full of food, gobbling or eating in a hurry, skipping meals, eating only a limited variety of foods and drinking soda instead of water with meals all contribute towards poor eating habits.

There are certain negtives of such food habbits.Some children can suffer from some major health concerns, such as malnutrition, low immunity, deficiency of certain nutrients, obesity or eating disorders such a Pica, anorexia or binge eating. It is quite easy and convenient to blame the child’s friends or even the school for the development of poor eating habits.

Every parent needs to remember that children need to be encouraged to develop healthy and good eating habits.Parents can start by setting a regular schedule, which includes small but frequent meals throughout the day. Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, the child should have room for at least 3 snacks in between. To maintain the healthy functioning of the body, a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals is required. so the parents should provide nutritious food as much as possible.

We must spread awarenss about the need of healthy food habbits in children for the betterment of society and for a healthy generation. (Hope this helped You)

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Satvik , added an answer, on 15/12/12
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 its kantastic

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Nitanshi , added an answer, on 11/5/13

 nice but not the best one try better next time

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