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2.   d)     

1.   Painted grey ware are grey pots which had painted designs and usually has simple lines and geometric patterns
2. They are found in excavation sites like Hastinapur in Meerut, Purana Qila etc
3.  Vessels made of painted grey ware are extremely fine to touch and they have a nice, smooth surface
These vessels were used on special occasions for important people and to serve special food
5.  Usually, plates and bowls are made from painted grey ware pottery


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Ans1 The aryans were indo-European tribes from central Asia ,eho migrated to the Indian subcontinent looking for pastures Ans2 The Indo-aryans initially settled in the sapta sindhu region,between 1500bce and 1000bce.They named this land as the brahmavarta,which means 'the abode of Gods'.This period is known as early vedic period Ans5 Rigid caste system were brahmanas, kshatriyas Vaishyas,Shudras
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