Give me some lines on noice pollution which i can add in my essay

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You may consider the following points:

  • Noise is any sound that is loud, harsh and unpleasant to hear.
  • When the noise in any area becomes excessive, it leads to noise pollution.
  • Increasing pollution because of urbanisation
  • Lack of awareness among people related to pollution
  • Noise pollution can be easily and effectively controlled by our individual and social efforts
  • Need for street plays and posters to arouse interest in people


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sources : road traffic , jet planes ,train , noise at construction sites and in factories , use of loud speakers and fire crackers noise from radio and tv

 noise pollution is vry harmful it causes many problems is distubance , deafness , loss of sleep ,  loss of concentration , disturbance in the area. brain tissues may get affected.  it can cause anger , headache , high blood pressure and heart attack. loss of night vision. 

control : loudspeker should not be ued in public area , vehicles should not exeed noise limit , creating silence zones near hospitals , schools and homes of senior citizens  , use of explosives in mining areas and construction sites should be properly monitered. 

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