give me the list of ten agriculture tools and their uses

The tools that are used extensively in agriculture are shovel, spade, rake, plow, sprayer etc. Shovel and spade – They are used mainly for digging.

Plow– It helps ploughing the ground. This remains attached with cattle or at the back of tractor.

Sprayer - It is used to apply fertilizers or pesticides.

For harvesting or cutting crops there are several tools like

Sickle – It is a curved and hand held tool which is sharp and serrated. Farmers swing sickle to cut the crops.

Fagging hook – It is hook like tool which is used to cut crops and straws from very close to the ground.

Shaff cutter – It is used to cut the husks of corn and other grains. It is a machine which cuts straws into very short pieces.

Flails – It is a tool to separate grains from their husks.

Winnowing tools – the grains are exposed to the wind so that the lighter particles will get separated from the grain mixtures. This is called winnowing. The tools that are used in this techniques are called winnowing tools.

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  • Wooden plough : Tilting the soil.
  • Hoe : removing the weeds.
  • Wooden leveller : Levelling the soil.
  • Seed Drill : used for sowing.

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 harrow , trovel , khurpa ,hoe ,seed dril ,wooden plough ,

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