Give one example about cotton on how all the 3 sectors of economy are interlinked and interconnected with each other.

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The three sectors of the economy are: Primary sector, Secondary sector, Tertiary sector. This can be explained with the help of the example of Cotton to textile production.
Primary sector: The products are directly obtained from natural resources. For example agriculture, poultry, fishing, farming, mining, etc. Cotton cultivation comes under the primary sector of economy .
Secondary sector: Products are manufactured and processed from primary sectors to be sold in market. Cotton is processed in the textile industries and clothes are marketed. Other examples are production of sugar from sugarcane, steel from iron ore, etc.
Tertiary sector: Products obtained from primary and secondary sectors are moved for  trading and transported for other purposes. Cotton is transported to textile industries and clothes are transported to markets. Other examples of this are media, education, health sectors, etc.
All the three sectors are interrelated. Without the support of any one of these, the rest are non-funtional.

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