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1.Ammonium hydroxide can detect ferrous ions in ferrous sulphate solution.

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When ammonium hydroxide is added to a solvent of iron (ll) Sulphate, a green ppt of iron (ll) hydroxideand ammonium Sulphate are formed.
The given reaction is an example of a double displacement reaction.
A double displacement reaction is a type of chemical reaction in which ions of two reactants are interchanged in order to form two new products.
For example, AB + CD → CB + AD
Similarly, when ammonium hydroxide reacts with iron sulphate, ammonium, and iron interchange their positions to form iron hydroxide and ammonium sulphate.
The balance chemical reaction can be written as:-
FeSO₄(aq) + 2 NH₄OH(aq) → (NH₄)₂SO₄(aq) + Fe(OH)₂(s)
 iron           ammonium         ammonium          iron  
sulphate        hydroxide            sulphate        hydroxide


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Iron (III) sulphate + ammonium hydroxide gives iron (III) hydroxide and ammonium sulphate.?
A reddish brown precipitate is observed and?Fe(OH)3??is insoluble in excess aq. ammonia / ammonium hydroxide.
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