give reason that most of the natural phenomena are periodicin nature

2. pendulum is the mother of watches and clocks

3. we need to measure

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Earth revolves around the sun in 365.25 days- A periodic motion
Earth rotates around its axis in 24 hours - A periodic motion

Moon and all celestial objects revolves in a periodic manner with a definite time period.

There are lot of examples in day to day life that are periodic in nature.

Seasons, Weather are all periodic phenomenon of nature and apart from this even the beating of our heart is periodic .

There are numerous examples in day to day life which are periodic and repetitive .

Apendulum clock is an example of the same phenomenon.

A pendulum is a rod hanging vertically from its top end (or a weight called a bob hanging from a string) that swings from side to side due to the force of gravity.

 For relatively small swings, the time (T) it takes to make one complete swing (known as the period) is given by this little equation:

Mathematical equation for the period T of a pendulum. T is equal to two times pi times the square root of (l divided by g).
Here, l is the length of the pendulum and g is a measure of gravity's strength (what we call the acceleration due to gravity). You can see from this equation that you need to quadruple the length of a pendulum to double

the time it takes to make a swing.

 All clocks would sends out tiny vibrations as the pendulum swings and causes the gears inside the clock to move, thereby linking the swing of pendulum  with the timing of clock by proper synchronisation of the dial and gear mechanism inside the clock.

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