Give reasons for the following: (3)
(a) Ice floats on water.
(b) Steam causes more severe burns than boiling water.
(c) The smell of perfume reaches a person sitting several meters away

(a) The structure of ice is such that the water molecules are arranged in a way that large vacant spaces are created which leads to more volume. Since density is inversely proportional to volume, the density of ice becomes less than water.

(b) Steam is the gaseous form of water and contains latent heat of vaporisation which is absent in liquid form of water (boiling water). Due to this latent heat, steam causes more burns and more harmful than boiling water.

(c) The gaseous particles are continuously moving and have the unique property of moving from one place to another. This property is called diffusion. Due to this property, the particles of perfume reaches a person sitting far away.

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