Give reasons for the following:
(a) Iron rims are heated red hot before fixing them on cart wheels.
(b) A clinical thermometr has a slight blend, or knik, in its capillary tube.
(c) A new quilt is warmer than an old one.
(d) A brass tumbler fells much cooler than a wooden tray on a chilly day.
(e) The bottom of cooking untensils are often kept black.

a) Iron rims are red hot because they are heated to expand and when u fit them on the wheel cold water is poured over them so that they contract and become tight .

b)A clinical thermometer has a kink in capillary tube so that when we take the thermometer out of our mouth the mercury tends to go down ,but, the kink stops the mercury from going down at least till we see the reading

c) -

e)They r kept black because blacks absorbs and radiates more heat, it means that the food becomes warmer faster
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