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7. Lifespan of an avg. Indian had increased to about 64 yrs

8. Aids is more common in persons with polygamy

Ans1) Lifespan of an average Indian had increased to about 64 years​ due to better medical facilities and improved ways of obtaining healthy nutrition.

Ans 2)  AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome) is an infectious disease that attacks the immune system of the body.HIV (Human Immuno Deficiency virus) is a member of a group of viruses called retrovirus, that causes AIDS. AIDS virus enters into the body via the sexual organs or infected blood and spread to lymph nodes all over the body. So, people involved in polygamy ( marriage to more than one spouse at same time) are more prone to suffer from AIDS  as well as can spread it due to  sexual contact with their multiple partners. Unprotected sexual contact is one ways for spread of AIDS virus. 

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