give short notes on tropical rainforest

Tropical rainforests are also called evergreen forests. They are located in the different parts of America, Africa, Asia and Congo. Generally present in the equatorial belt which has warmth and moisture throughout the year. The forest is thick and difficult to penetrate owing to luxuriant growth of plants due to heavy rainfall. There is huge diversity of flora and fauna in this region. The plants can be divided based on vertical stratification as per their height. Wide variety of fauna is due to variety in habitat and food for them.

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Areas of forest where the climate is humid and hot are called tropical rainforest . These forest support a large variety of flora and fauna .

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These rainforests have warm,wet weather all around the year and support a large variety of life. The trees that grow here never completely shed their leaves.The tall trees grow so close together that little sunlight can reach the ground. The broad leaves of trees form a thick canopy that blocks nearly all the sunlight from reaching the forest floor. As a result, only ferns, some variety of palms and other plants that require little sunlight grow on the forest floor. Lichens, orchids and vines grow on the trees.

Brightly-coloured butterflies, moths, termites, ants, bees, mosquitoes and spiders live in these forests. Leopards, tapirs and a variety of snakes live in tropical forests. Chimpanzees and gorillas alternate between the ground and the trees. Eagles, toucans, parrots, tree frogs, squirrels, many kind of monkeys, gibbons, orang-utans, sloths, snakes and bats live on the trees.

* The teste flies are one of the most famous insects in these forests.

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  • A forest with high rate of precipitation and high humidity, usually located near the equator.
  • Tropical rainforests are wet and hot year-round and have nutrient poor soil (most of the nutrients are held in the vegetation).
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