Give six differences between sciophytes and heliophytes?

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Plants may be classified ecologically according to their light requirements, those needing full sunlight for good growth are known as heliophytes, while those growing best in shade are known as sciophytes. However, some plants are more adaptable than others are, so there are heliophytes that will grow in partial shade and sciophytes which are not damaged by bright light. In both cases, the plants grow best in positions where their light requirements are most nearly met. Pioneer species of tropical forests are heliophytes, while secondary species, which colonize the area after establishments of heliophytic trees are sciophytes. Examples of heliophytes are sugar cane, sunflower and maize. 
Heliophytes are capable of a more efficient use of high light intensities than sciophytes. Heliophytes can never reach photosynthetic saturation under natural conditions, however intense the light. Sciophytes, on the other hand, can often reach saturation level at light intensities of only 20% full sunlight. The shading of heliophytes strongly reduces growth and reproduction and hence yields. On the other hand, sciophytes are often unable to survive in full sunlight because their rate of chlorophyll production is too slow to balance the decomposition of the pigment by bright light. In order to make the most efficient use of the light available, sciophytes develop large leaves with extensive surfaces containing a high concentration of chlorophyll and accessory pigment. Photosynthesis is such plants ensure that the best use is made of light available from sunflecks and reflection.
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Heliophtes are capable of a more efficient use of high light intensities than sciophtes
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