Give solution guideof this topic of adverb

Give solution guideof this topic of adverb is quite cold. Idoyoga thrice a week. rhe servant has gone upstairs. 10. The train does not stop here. Fill in the blanks with appropriate adverbs given in the bracke My sister is Seema did The Old man is The test match ended better today. (more, much) in the exam. (good, well) deaf. (entirely, entire) _ than expected. (early, A tiger runs The glass is He He lives makes mistakes in heressay. (frequent. than a Lion. (fast, faster) full. (near, nearly) forgot to bring his book. (quiet, quite) "ith his brother. (happy, happily) _ see him in the city. (seldom, seldously) Form Adverbs from the folloning h'ords and use them in sentences angry mce quick lazy beautiful sincere h ard sure sky activ- brave happy Position of Adverbs -efodowing rules regarding the correct position of an Adverb, must be placed in the correct position in a sentence. adverb. it

Dear Student.
  1. much
  2. well
  3. entirely
  4. earlier
  5. frequently
  6. faster
  7. nearly
  8. quite
  9. happily
  10. seldom
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