give some examples of appositive nouns faster

Appositive noun is a noun or noun phrase that renames or modifies the noun right beside it. An appositive noun or noun phrase gives an extra information about the noun.

For example:

  • Ashok nath, the professor teaching English is on leave today.
  • The boy, who was thinnest, ran after him.
  • Rat , a hairy rodent, scared the child.

The bold words in the above examples are appositive nouns.

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An example of an appositive noun will make the phrase "appositive" sound much less intimidating. Appositives are used in everyday language all the time, in order to make a point more clear or to refer to an even more specific component of the noun.

The best way to become acquainted with any part of speech is to practice constantly, and to use the part of speech appropriately. Therefore, frequently reviewing an example of an appositive noun or two will help to enhance your study.

  • Gus, Eric's black and white cat, slowly crept up behind the kittens.
  • The bookshelf, a modern piece of furniture, was moved into the house first.
  • The insect, a large and hairy creature, scared the children as they walked outside.
  • My brother, a human garbage disposal, consumed five cheeseburgers in one sitting last night.
  • Kara's bag, a display of her wealth, was stained with paint because she wasn't careful.
  • They couldn't believe when the little boy stood up to John, the biggest bully in the whole school.
  • Mara's sundae, a gigantic mountain of ice cream, started to melt when she took it outside.
  • An enormous man with great strength, Henry was able to carry the entire bag of bricks by himself.
  • Dressed in a turquoise ballgown, Jasmine was the bell of the ball.

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