give some examples where factors other than income are important aspects of our lives.


extra privilages like company offers a car


job security

location of work

working enviornment

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Though income is one of the most important aspects of our lives, there are other important things, such as

(a)People also seek things like equal treatment, freedom, security and respect.(b)Women need safe and secure environment to take up a variety of Jobs or run a business.(c)People also need political rights.(d)People seek a pollution-free environment.
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Good income is important for a comfortable life, but it is not the only important factor. A good income would be useless if a person does not have access to quality health services. If good schools are not available in the neighbourhood, it can be difficult to provide proper education to the children. These are some examples which show factors; other than income; which affect our life.
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political rights
pollution free environment
women safety

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.Freedom .Security .available of schools .safety
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Regular work Better wages Freedom Job security Equal treatment More income Security
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political rights
employment opportunities
availability of schools..
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1. Equal treatment 2. Freedom 3. Security 4. Respect of others
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1.equal treatment.
2.respect for others
3.freedom envirornment for women to work outside.
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the atmosphere were you are working
the place where u are working
At that particular place, is their enough protection for you also secutrity
You are getting all the rights as an employeee at that particular place
You should get wages at time.....
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