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Shirley Toulson, who lives in Somerset, was drawn into the spell of Celtic Christianity as she worked on her books dealing with the oldest roads and folklore of Britain and Ireland. among her writings are: The Celtic Alternative(1987) and The Celtic Year(1993).

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Shirley Toulson, who has died aged 94, was a poet, teacher, educational journalist and editor, and the author of books about walks along the ancient tracks and roads of Britain. ... In her sixties she climbed up into a North Sea oil rig to research the provision of education for the workers' children.
Shirley Toulson has been writing books on the social history of the countryside since 1974. She is a leading authority on ancient tracks and drove roads and is the author of 'The Drovers' Roads of Wales' and 'The Drovers Roads of South Wales'
hirley Toulson, born on May 20 1924 in Henley-on-Thames, England, was the daughter of Douglas Horsfall Dixon and Marjorie Brown. ... She from Brockenhurst College in London in the year 1953, securing a B.A. in Literature; this was followed by Toulson's desire to take up writing as a career.

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