give some questions for lesson of NO MEN ARE FOREIGN

  1. how does poet explain NO MEN ARE FOREIGN?
  2. Justify the title no men are foreign?
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1) who said that, hates your brother?
2) The "uniform"refers to?
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1. Why are no men foreign according to the poet ?
2. How does the poet suggest that all the people on the earth are same ?
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1. who is the author of the poem " No men are foreign"?
2. explain the theme and tone of this poem with evidences?
3. how has the author suggested that all people are the same? explain using evidences from the poem.
4. what is the main message conveyed through the poem?

I hope this was helpful.
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This poem tells us about universal brotherhood and shows that we are belonging to a same community that is humanity
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Hatred, jealousy and missed are the poisonous elements of our own earth . Discuss
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Who do the words they and ours refer to
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