Give some questions of editing and omission

Dear student,

Editing exercise:
  1. Amnesty International,an worldwide                     e.g. an  - a
  2. organisation for the defence to human 
  3. rights, is one of the few institution
  4. to have win the Nobel Peace Prize.
  5. Amnesty was award the peace prize
  6. in 1977 for the organisation's help at paving a way of justice.
  7. Today Amnesty is play
  8. a leading role in safeguarding the interest at the weaker sections and minorities.

Omitting Exercise: 
  1. I would welcome the chance working as a part                      e.g. chance of working 
  2. of a small dynamic team. I could make                                     
  3. significant contribution while developing                              
  4. my skills further. I be happy to                                                  
  5. show you a portfolio of work.                                                     
  6. I am available interview next week and                                     
  7. look forward to hearing you.                                                    
  8. It be an honour to contribute                                                         
  9. for the wellbeing of mankind society.        

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