Give some tips to write better notice

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The tips are:-

1. A notice should preferably be written within 50-60 words, which includes only the body of the notice and not the school name, notice, title, date of issue or the name and designation of authorized signatory.

2. A notice should be written in a formal language and pompous lingo must be avoided.

3. It should be precise and to the point. Irrelevant information should be avoided.

4. Special care should be taken to maintain coherence in the body of the notice.

5. Ensure that the format of the date is correct. Some of examples are 6 July 2012 or 6/7/2012 or July 6, 2012

6. In case the question does not bear the name of the school or organization or the authority writing the notice, students must use names like ABC or PQR or XYZ.

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 i give you ans after few minutes 

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