Give the character sketch of Gulliver and redressal.

Character sketches of both Gulliver and Redressal have already been provided in the study material. You are requested to kindly refer to it.

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Here is the character sketch of Gulliver and Reldresal.


Gulliver is the main character of the story. He is the one who experiences various adventures in different, strange and unknown places of the world. The places he visits are- Lilliput, Brobdingnag, Laputa, Balnibarbi, Lugglag, Glubbdubdrib, Japan and the country of the Houyhnms.



He is the Principal Secretary of Private Affairs. A man of great understanding, tact and intelligence. He has already proved his usefulness to Gulliver. He is emissary of the Emperor, come to request Gullivers' help and goodwill in their internal as well as external problem. 

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